Pommer vs. Pommer advanced algorithm

  • First it should be said that this algorithm is semi arbitrary but i think there is some logic here.
  • Season raw numbers is adjusted to a standard 6.00 points/game season and 1.67 assists/goal to make totals worth equal between the years.
    This through Hockey-Reference.com.
  • Since 1 goal was deemed by me to be as much worth as 1 and 1 assist only, algorithm season assists was divided by 1.67.
  • List was then firstly sorted through season points earned through my algorithm, secondly by the All-Star Team vote together with a possible All-Star Game appearance. Lastly when close in algorithm season points, Selke Trophy votes served as a tiebreaker.
  • Lastly: The current season is ranked by the current projection to a full 82 game season but are NOT given the benefit of the doubt regarding accolades until those are presented.

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Jason Pominville of the Buffalo Sabres, Minnesota Wild, Rochester Americans and Shawinigan Cataractes