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2005/06 ITG Heroes & Prospects Auto

My 2004/05 In the Game Heroes and Prospects auto
My 2004/05 In the Game Heroes and Prospects auto

Now this card i do like real much. Not becouse it’s very rare and flashy, but becouse it’s the only auto of Pominville dressed in Rochester Americans gear. A few years ago a thought hit me regarding some fans critique about his choice to play for the USA internationally: Not only is his mother obviously american which is the technical reason that it was even possible, but also i cant help but wonder if his 3+ years playing in Rochesters highly American uniforms had something to do with it as well. It was after all there he fought for so long to make his dream of making the NHL come true. I can see it being the case, and as he himself once said, he feels like both Canadian and American.

This card is from the 2005/06 season when he scored 19 goals in the first 18 games of the AHL schedule, after which he was promoted to the Sabres for good.